Summer Wars
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Locations of SUMMER WARS

* General information *
There are geographically some differences between actual Ueda and the Ueda in the world of SUMMER WARS.

Locations of SUMMER WARS

JR Nagano ShinkansenJR Nagano Shinkansen
Natsuki and Kenji are on a Shinkansen bullet train.
It takes only 1 and a half hours from Tokyo to Ueda by JR Nagano Shinkansen.
Ueda will take you on journey to SUMMER WARS.
JR Ueda StationJR Ueda Station
Natsuki and Kenji are looking at the sign saying "Ueda Wassyoi is taking place on July 31st in 2010"(Ueda Wassyoi is a traditional summer festival of Ueda). They transferred from JR Nagano Shinkansen to Ueda Dentetsu "Bessyo Line".
Bessyo LineUeda Dentetsu "Bessyo Line"
It is a local railroad connecting Ueda Station and Bessyo Onsen Station in 30 min.
Marumado (round window) of Bessyo LineMarumado (round window) of Bessyo Line
You can see idyllic scenery from Marumado. Bessyo Line takes you to Bessyo Onsen Spa which has loved by people for 1200 years.
Bus stop of IseyamaBus stop of Iseyama
Iseyama is a real place and the bus stop really exists.
The ruins of Toishi-Komeyama castleThe ruins of Toishi-Komeyama castle
Actually, there are no remains of the castle here, but the house of Jinnouchi family is on this place in SUMMER WARS.
The view from the house of Jinnouchi familyThe view from the house of Jinnouchi family
This beautiful night scenery of urban area of Ueda is based on the real one.
The ruins of Ueda CastleThe ruins of Ueda Castle
Ueda Castle was built by the Feudal Lord Masayuki Sanada. The gate of Ueda Castle is the model of that of Jinnouchi family’s house.
Idyllic sceneryIdyllic scenery
There is a lot of beautiful scenery like this in SUMMER WARS. This idyllic scenery is a symbol of Ueda which is "ideal rural area" of Japan.
Blue skyBlue sky
Blue sky is also a symbol of Ueda. Director Mamoru Hosoda loves this sky.
Ueda City HallUeda City Hall
This scene is just like real one! Tourism Division will give you some information about tourist spots related to SUMMER WARS.


Shinshu Ueda Koi-Koi Map


Commemoration Stamps for Shinshu Ueda Koi-Koi Map to affix:@ IKENAMI Shotaro Sanadataiheiki Museum, Okazaki Brewer, JR Ueda Station, Bessyo-Onsen Station, Kitamuki-Kannon, Ueda City Tourist Hall.